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Lake Havasu City, Arizona
More Than A Spring Break Destination

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When most people think of a desert, swimming and jet skiing are usually the furthest thing from their minds. However, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is one such location that has the best of both worlds and much, much more. Located on the western edge of Arizona, bordering California, this thriving oasis is the perfect getaway for those looking to cool off at the lake and on the beach, without ever having to leave the desert.

Beaches and Water Recreation

Each year, when college students from all over the western United States converge on Lake Havau for spring break, most of them will be spending their days on lake's beautiful inland beaches and coves, alternating between basking in the warm sun and cooling off in the clean, clear water. Unlike ocean beaches, these waters are salt-free, making them particularly attractive to swimmers and snorkelers that might want to swim with their eyes open. Visibility is often up to 25 feet, as the lake's sparkling water is continuously replenished by the Colorado River.

Other visitors might prefer enjoying the water from inside a boat. Lake Havasu is perfect for any type of boating, whether you're racing or just cruising, with 16 launch ramps and eight fueling docks, as well as plenty of rental companies for those who haven't got their own boat. As of yet, there are no restrictions in place for size or speed, barring a few of the “no-wake” zones, where signs are clearly posted regarding speed and noise. Most of the hotels offer boat trailer parking, some with their own launch ramps and docks.

Fishing often goes hand-in-hand with boating and consequently, Lake Havasu offers some of the best fishing in the Southwest. You can either fish from your boat, or from one of the many marinas and free fishing docks. Varieties of fish include Largemouth bass and striped bass, as well as some varieties of crappie and catfish, are common finds in the lake, with some of them being quite large. Keep in mind that you do need an Arizona fishing license, as well as the appropriate stamp on it, if you decide to fish from your boat. There are some bag limits, but most would agree that they're quite generous.

Other common water sports on Lake Havasu include scuba diving, cliff-diving, parasailing and jet skiing. Equipment for any of these activities can be purchased or rented just about anywhere near the lake, of course. Regardless of your choice of activity, it is also worth noting that the beaches are not only family- friendly, but pet-friendly, as well.

Fun on Land

While the vast majority of attention is focused on the lake and water-related activities, there are plenty of other fun things to do in the Lake Havasu area that don't necessarily involve getting wet. There are over 20 local trails where off-road enthusiasts can take their ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and four-wheel drive trucks for a spin in the dunes or an afternoon of rock crawling. Some of these trails will actually lead to nearby points of interest, such as abandoned mining towns.

If hiking is your thing, there are plenty of trails in the nearby mountains that vary in difficulty, depending on what sort of a hike you can handle. Some of them are perfect for a leisurely walk, while others range from moderately hilly to difficult slopes that might actually require some climbing. Remember that if you do choose to brave the elements in the Arizona desert, always bring plenty of water and other necessities, such as a flashlight and first aid kit. Since triple-digit temperatures are the norm in the summer, sunscreen and some sort of head covering are also advisable.

The Nightlife in Lake Havasu

As the annual spring break crowd is well aware, the nightlife in Lake Havasu City is always jumping. Whether you're looking for a night of dinner and dancing, karaoke, or just a frosty mug of your favorite beer, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to satisfy even the most discriminating tourist, after a day spent out on the lake. If you've had a bit too much to drink, the local taxi services will be more than happy to lend a hand, getting you safely back to your hotel.

Historic London Bridge

Finally, there is no other place around where you can see the old 1831 London Bridge, which was moved to Lake Havasu City around 1970 and has since been open for tours and visitors. The bridge was sold to Robert McCulloch, founder of Lake Havasu, to make way for a new London bridge across the River Thames.

McCulloch had dreams of utilizing the old landmark to attract tourism to his newly founded community. The massive structure's blocks were literally taken apart, piece by piece, numbered and shipped to the Arizona desert, where they now stand. Tourists to the area can not only stroll the bridge itself, but also visit the English Village beneath its arches, to enjoy its various shops, nightclubs and restaurants.

Whoever you are and whatever you're into, there's always something for you to enjoy in Lake Havasu. Visitors are always welcome, with activities to suit just about every palate, both in the water and out. So, if you're looking for a thriving, beach experience without the saltwater and the hectic California pace, book your next vacation today in Lake Havasu City and get in on the fun!

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