Lake Havasu Tourist Guide

Lake Havasu City Attractions

Lake Havasu and the London Bridge. Those are the main attractions in the Lake Havasu area. Over 2 million annual visitors converge on this area of the Colorado River to enjoy the recreation on the clear waters of Lake Havasu. Boating, water-skiing, jet-skiing, sailing, fishing, and spring break parties are the most popular things to do.

Some come to see the historic London Bridge that now connects the city's mainland to Lake Havasu Island while others partake in the thrills of casino gambling at the Havasu Landing Resort Casino on the California side of the lake. Lake Havasu City hosts a number of major bass competitions. Long, open stretches of water are the scene of annual national outboard championships, sailing competitions, water skiing and International Jet Ski competitions.

Lake Havasu boasts more lighthouses than any other lake of its size. They seem more a novelty than purpose since each is a one-third scale replica of some famous navigation beacons from around the country. The folks at the Lake Havasu Lighhouse Club takes credit for these beacons in the desert.

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