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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Arizona has many beautiful destinations but Lake Havasu City offers something that the rest of the state cannot – beautiful, sandy beaches and clean, safe water for swimming. This makes it the perfect travel destination for people who love the hang out by the water, bask in the sun or take part in any one of the numerous water sports. Snorkeling, swimming, boating and fishing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy on the lake. The beaches along Lake Havasu, which is 45 miles long, are speckled with lighthouses. In fact, they have more lighthouses than any other city in the United States. Pets are welcome on the beaches and many off-leash areas are available for your dogs.

Lake Havasu is different from other lakes in the United States because its water quality doesn’t suffer from the run-off of streets and farms. The state receives very little rain, which means the rain doesn’t wash pollutants from farms and roads into the lake. Instead, Lake Havasu has clear water that is replenished in the warmer months by the Colorado River. The water is so clean that swimmers can sometimes see 20 feet down into the lake. The river keeps the water from becoming stagnant and cycles through all the water in less than 10 days. The results is clear, clean water for families to enjoy.

When done enjoying the beach and water, take some time to explore the city. Lake Havasu City has many attractions but the highlight of the area is London Bridge. This is not a replica of England’s London Bridge. It’s the real deal. When the original bridge was replaced in London, Havasu Lake City bought the pieces of the old bridge and rebuilt it. It now crosses from Lake Havasu City over Thompson Bay to a tourist island. The original bridge was built between 1179 and 1209 and still has many of its old scars, including markings from World War II in London. This bridge is Arizona’s second biggest tourist attraction after the Grand Canyon.

The beautiful beaches, fresh water and famous landscape many seem like enough for one city. Especially for a city that only has a population of 52,500 (2010). However, this is not all Lake Havasu has to offer. Rocks are also a key attraction. Rocks may not seem that enticing to the average visitor, but those that love geology will appreciate all that the area has to offer. Jasper, obsidian, volcanic rock and agate are a few types of rock that are found regionally. The various types of rock means there are many mines and mining towns found just outside the city. These can be included in a day-tour outside of the city.

All of this swimming and sightseeing is bound to make you hungry. Don’t worry, you can enjoy just about any type of cuisine at one of the many restaurants in the city. American, ethnic, Asian, fast food and steakhouses are all available. For a tasty lunch, consider Darleen’s Tea Room, which features deli-style sandwiches and peach iced tea. For dinner, try Angelina’s Italian Kitchen, one of the sushi restaurants or the Barley Brothers Restaurant and Brewery.

Just because dinner is over, doesn’t mean your day is finished. Lake Havasu has several clubs and bars to keep the party going until you are ready for bed. If clubs aren’t your scene, you can check out the Lake Havasu Performing Arts Center and Little Theater. The city has orchestra and community choir that is organized by the center. They also put on plays and other dramas throughout the year.

When you settle down for the night, you can choose from a variety of accommodations that range from the budget-friendly to the extravagant. The London Bridge Resort is front and center along the beach, with a perfect view of the bridge itself. The resort features Tudor-style décor and features pools, Jacuzzis, waterslides, a fitness center and arcade. The Nautical Beachfront Resort is another key hotel that is right on the water. This resort features a large pool with cabanas and wet bar. These are just two examples of comfortable accommodations available in Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu is located about 3.5 hours Northwest of Phoenix and is a popular tourist destination, especially for students during spring break. It is hot most of the year and has many things to offer, whether you want to travel the region or just enjoy the beach.

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