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  • Youthful Skin 101
  • Universal Skin Care Information
  • Lake Havasu City AZ,
  • USA Dermatologist Li

Feeling young forever. Don't we all wish. But we are living longer thanks to medical advancements and more healthy lifestyles. As we age all of us desire to look and feel as youthful and beautiful as we can. This strong desire to slow-down the aging processes of skin has spawned a multi-billion dollar skin care industry. Youthful Skin 101 provides information about skin care topics including anti-aging and acne skin conditions. It offers differing outlooks on products and various active ingredients that treat damaged skin. It offers tips and regimens of skin care. This information exclusively intends to help you make informed decisions that are best for you. This information does not intend to replace medical advice or attempt to make any diagnosis.

  • Janice's Beauty Salon
  • 3398 London Bridge Rd
  • AZ, 86404- 9708
  • 928 764-3331
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