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Lake Havasu Spring Break

Rated the 5th Best Spring Break Destination in the World. That's according to Entertainment Television and Travel Channel. During March and April, college students, teens and those that still think they are students head to Lake Havasu which many call Arizona's West Coast. So dump the books, grab the bikini and prep the boat. It's vacation getaway party time in Lake Havasu City. Sunny skies, great spring temperatures, crystal clear waters, active nightlife and the 45 mile long Lake Havasu beckons spring breakers from Arizona, California, Nevada and the Southwest.

Lake Havasu was created by the Parker Dam on the Colorado River and the 400 miles of coastline offers spring breakers plenty of water recreation action. Souped-up speed boats are as colorful as male peacocks to attract the bikini clad ladies. The water-lovers water-ski, jet-ski, sail, parasail, kayak, fish, and swim the refreshing waters. Although there are hiking trails along the lake's edge, most boaters tie-up together, socialize and dance to blaring music. Copper Canyon and the Sandbar are favorite hook up spots while others parade on boats at idling speed under the London Bridge and around the Havasu Island.

Spring Break on Lake Havasu

When the sun sets it's time for party hopping. Indoors and outdoors. Some head to camping sites and party under the stars while others head to the bar and grilles along the banks of the lake or back to hotels and resorts for some quiet time. Parties usually win-out and revelers rush to places to light-up the nightlife. Breweries, live entertainment, the casino or dancing the night away.

Bring your own boats and water toys. Invite yourself on someone's boat or rent speed boats, jet skis or house boats. Reserve early. The demand for Lake Havasu hotels, motels, resorts, RV parks, vacation rentals and boat rentals peaks during spring break in Lake Havasu AZ.

Be careful, safe and responsible. The lake straddles the Arizona and California borders and each state has its own boating laws. Although not totally true, generally the centers of the lake and river bodies are the dividing lines.What may be legal in Arizona waters may not be in California waters. For example, 12 year-olds can drive boats in Arizona but not in California. The general DUI laws apply. Boat drivers should be designated drivers and under-age drinking is illegal. Party and have fun, but be responsible.

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