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Lower Colorado River Towns & Lakes

Map of Lower Colorado River Towns and Lakes Lower Colorado River Basin GNU Free Documentation License

It took nature millions upon millions of years. But she sculpted the ultimate water-recreation playground of the southwest. An outdoor mecca of sparkling river and lakes that beckons millions of vacationers to more fun than could be imagined. The genesis of the Colorado River begins high in the mountains of Colorado. As it flows eastward through Utah and Arizona through the Grand Canyon it turns south to Hoover Dam which forms Lake Mead, the largest man made lake in the country. This lake is so vast, you'll hardly notice the gazillions of speed boats, house boats, sail boats, jet-skis and fishing boats.

Now the engineering masterpiece, Hoover Dam stands tall, glorious and bold as it watches its river water head to Lake Mohave through picturesque canyons, stately Saguaro, marsh habitat and wildlife such as Bighorn Sheep. Davis Dam creates the lake and separates Bullhead City, Arizona from Laughlin, Nevada, the "Little Las Vegas" on the Colorado banks.

The Colorado River continues uninterrupted from Davis Dam at Laughlin to Lake Havasu City passing through Topock Gorge and the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge until it reaches the centerpiece of this Lower Colorado River Area, 45-mile long Lake Havasu with its 450 miles of shoreline. Parker Dam, the world's tallest dam creates Lake Havasu, often called the "Watersports Capital of America".

A 16-miles stretch of the river called the Parker Strip runs below Parker Dam that has become a popular destination of Snowbirds that escape to the pleasant weather during the eastern cold winters. The entire 165 mile water-recreation corridor on the mid lower Colorado River Valley is covered with a wealth southwestern water oasis. Boat launches, marinas, restaurants, bars, college spring break hideaways, nightlife, campgrounds, rv parks, remote camping sites, vacation rentals, boat rentals, hiking trails and even gambling casinos.

The river continues for hundreds of miles through Yuma, Arizona as it makes it way to its final destination, the Colorado River Delta as it flows into the Sea of Cortez that sets between Baja California and mainland Mexico.

Towns and Lakes

Boulder, Nevada

  • Hoover Dam
  • Lake Mead

Laughlin, Nevada and
Bullhead City, Arizona

  • Davis Dam
  • Lake Mohave

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

  • Parker Dam
  • Lake Havasu

Parker Strip

  • 16 mile segment of river

On to Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California)

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